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Agrichemical and Pesticide Spray Drift is a concern for farmers and growers internationally. This free website is a place where growers and consumers can predict pesticide drift based on the weather, and graphs we produce so that they can effectively determine when it is safe to spray. We also offer news articles and educational material.

Agricultural producers have always maintained a strong commitment to protecting the environment and local citizens from any adverse effects their farming operations may cause. SprayDrift.com is a practical tool to help growers effectively demonstrate and fulfill that commitment while producing the crops depended upon by people all over the world.

What is pesticide spray drift?

Pesticides and other agrichemicals are used globally in crop production to control weeds, diseases and insects. However, inappropriate application of these products can lead to run-off from plants, and can cause the spray to drift; thus 'pestcide spray drift.'

Why is pesticide spray drift a concern?

  • Affects human and animal health, sometimes chronically; especially children.
  • Affects the applicator's own health and safety.
  • It is against the law in some areas.
  • It can contaminate drinking water.
  • Spray drift can be environmentally harmful.
  • It can damage valuable crops
  • May lead to expensive and lengthy litigation.

We have created this website to advise the agriculture community of the optimum conditions to apply pesticides and other agrochemicals. We use data from the Global Forecast System (GFS) to calculate models such as risk factors and wind directions of concern. Using this information; the risk of spray drift onto sensitive areas can be minimized. Additionally, the site helps identify infection events from wet weather diseases by estimating when plant leaves are forecast to be susceptible.

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